If you want to know what the status of your ERP project or business transformation is, you just need to ask. Right? It sounds simple enough, but surprisingly, I often find that it is a frustrating challenge for many C-level executives.  Happily, this is one of the few challenges that is easy to resolve.

I have worked with many successful business owners and CEO’s who provided engaging and active leadership for their companies – until it involved their IT related projects. These otherwise very capable professionals would shy away from these projects because as one CEO told me “I don’t understand all that technical jargon the IT Director throws at me. I get frustrated because I can’t get what I need done, and frankly those conversations feel embarrassing.”

My advice to him was simple, “Ask the questions to which you understand the answers”. Don’t ask “how are we doing on that customer service enhancement?” Ask your real question: “When will the customer service department have the information on their screens they need for answering customer inquiry calls without having to call them back?”

By visibly engaging in these projects, you validate their importance to the company in the eyes of your staff. Questioning your IT staff in this manner reminds them that their technical projects are there to help the company’s operation serve your customers better at a profit. At the same time, it reminds them that they are a valuable member of the team that is there to make your business run effectively and efficiently, and ultimately successfully. It is a win-win for all concerned.

John Bielecki

Mr. Bielecki is a senior advisor with 25+ years in improving Order Fulfillment, Shop Floor Control and Supply Chain operations for manufacturers/ distributors in numerous industries. His expertise helps enterprises meet their ever-changing customer and market needs through BPI, the application of ERP systems, and the development of their Omni-Channel. John helps clients become stream-lined, agile and scale-able. His client-first approach ensures that his solutions are tailored to each client’s needs and goals.