“So now that we realize were not all going to get everything we want in our ERP replacement, how do we go about prioritizing the most important needs?” This can sound like a question attacking the team but if presented properly and in the true sense of the question, this is exactly the question each and every person should have been asking themselves from the beginning.

Here we are, right back at the beginning – again. Seems like were not moving too fast through this selection thing going on huh? And in the meantime:

  • You have the software sales guys doing as you asked and calling you every month.
  • They of course have passed on your name to others because youre not making a decision and now the volume of calls have increased ten-fold.
  • Your boss and his boss are getting calls from “higher ups” from vendors because they’re trying to make something happen by end of quarter.
  • Your’e getting calls from “Independent Consultants” that, if you dig deep enough, find they’re actually implementers of software youre considering.
  • Your boss is now asking for weekly updates on whats taking so long to move along.
  • And you thought this was unraveling 3 posts ago!?!?

So how do you prioritize the needs? Well, quite frankly, this takes us all the way back to the real beginning.

  • What are those processes that make your company unique?
  • Why is the existing software not such a good fit?
  • Didn’t we start this project to get more functionality?
  • With the existing mods in the current package, aren’t we closer to 100% fit than with these new packages?

What selection often turns into is who in the organization has more power. They get the features and functions they want. Unfortunately, that may not be where you get the biggest bang for your buck. The only way to mitigate this high-jacking of the new system is to have an assessment of what youre getting today out of the current system, what you want to improve, and most importantly, what effect that has on the bottom/top line.

In the next post lets take a look at how we can take an “independent view” of needs and wants.

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Clark Green

Clark brings a deep level of experience with ERP companies to KnowledgePath Consulting. He has strong leadership skills, and demonstrated success in manufacturing, supply chain, business unit, and operations performance in multiple industries.