“So we’re already 6 months behind on this ERP project and we haven’t even picked a vendor yet. When do we get a recommendation?” People talk about dog years, well, it’s been said dog years are nothing compared to software years. Going all the way back to the beginning of this long series, one of the 3 major criteria for failure is “target time to deliver”.

Obviously when people talk about target time to deliver ERP software they’re talking about from the time they select a vendor to the time the software is “up and running”. But realistically, take a look at the selection process. It’s already 6 months behind? And you expect the implementation is going to be any easier? The selection was supposed to be the easy part!

Even the most seasoned team members get bogged down in the emotions, sales pitches, and most of all details that need not be part of the selection. A truly independent and objective 3rd party can easily pay for themselves just in the selection much less the entire implementation. They do 3 things that “insiders” simply cannot do:

  • They have no emotional tie to anything and therefore can offer an honest and objective view.
  • They can focus on the truly unique business processes and not the emotional desires of each individual team member.
  • And finally, their only desire is to make sure you’re successful because their livelihood depends on your success, not an individual or individual departments’ success.

No matter how hard you try, as an “insider” you cannot remove yourself from those prejudices.

Regardless of help from a 3rd party, it’s time to make a decision. You’ve got piles of hand written notes, tons of spreadsheets, thousands of e-mails, and too many word docs to count. So how do you make the decision? Say what you will but each persons’ decision was made months ago. It’s a proven fact that 60% of all software decisions are made before the first software sales person walks in the front door. And 80% of all software decisions are made after the first round of vendor presentations. So what were you doing the last several months?

Without getting into the psychology of the decision process, we’ll finish the selection discussion in the next post.

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Clark Green

Clark brings a deep level of experience with ERP companies to KnowledgePath Consulting. He has strong leadership skills, and demonstrated success in manufacturing, supply chain, business unit, and operations performance in multiple industries.