Continuing this post with the discussion about ERP replacement, consider this situation: “It’s right there in the RFP! We told you we needed that functionality Mr. Vendor, now you tell us you don’t have it!?” But the fact is, the vendor does have it, they just don’t have it the way you wanted to use it. And because you asked a yes or no question in the RFP, they answered honestly and correctly. But how do you ask so you know it’s exactly what you need and want?

The answer is to have the vendor follow your process, not your features and functions. Following a process in an RFP is difficult at best, closer to impossible in reality. Studies going all the way back to the late 1980’s and even today have proven that by the time the new system gets implemented, the RFP is only about 50% accurate. Hmmmm, let’s see, studies also proved that about 50% of all ERP implementations fail. I wonder if there might be a correlation? Re-implementation is still the leading implementation methodology according to CHAOS. What does that tell you?

  • Nothing has changed in almost 30 years of ERP implementations.
  • The RFP is still the leading tool to select ERP.
  • “But we’ve always done it that way?” and it’s time for change.

Using an Operational Assessment and aligning the company strategy with people and process, then providing a vendor with insight into what you need to see in a demo, is much more effective and saves everyone involved a tremendous amount of time.

Every vendor, consultant, implementer and project management group has their own steps to success when it comes to software implementation. How many 4-step, 8-step, 10-step programs can you look at and try before you need your own 12 step program?

The basic premise of the assessment is that this is a new and better way. If you’ve been keeping up with these posts, you know your odds using the old methods and it’s not in your favor. If you think it’s time for ERP selection and/or replacement, there’s much to consider.

The next post will take an in depth look at the possible outcomes of a successful Operational Assessment.

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Clark Green

Clark brings a deep level of experience with ERP companies to KnowledgePath Consulting. He has strong leadership skills, and demonstrated success in manufacturing, supply chain, business unit, and operations performance in multiple industries.