The assessment is your opportunity to avoid a rescue situation down the road during your ERP replacement. Don’t find yourself saying “I guess we missed that whole concept when we went through the RFP’s and demos.” Oops, is about all you can say at that point. The recovery now becomes the focus of missed opportunity regardless of the task at hand. Take this 3 step approach and see how it comes out:

  • Learn it
  • Understand it
  • Resolve it

Sounds easy right? People look for a “quick fix” when they’ve messed up and throw out ideas about a solution without trying to figure out the problem. Remember how we started this process? The assessment. Don’t short cut the process when something is missed. Take your time and follow a proven path to success.

So like we asked in the last session, “How do you ensure missing something? ” you don’t”. The fact is, time is a premium resource and people are making assumptions all the time to speed up work. Unfortunately that means errors will be made so to speed up the process of process review, focus on the critical business processes. What makes your company unique? If you start with that concept in mind, the project has a much higher chance of success and there’s two reasons for that:

  • Your unique processes are the lynchpin to your company’s success.
  • People are much more enthusiastic at the beginning of a project.

If you miss an “industry standard” process, chances are highly likely vendors have flexibility and/or “best practices” to help solve the problem. Missing a unique business process, you may not have clear alternatives. And, knowing people are more motivated at the beginning, they dig deeper and think through things much more completely. So focusing on uniqueness first, industry standard second, allows for a higher chance for success.

But what happens if you miss a critical business process, something that makes your company unique? We’ll discuss options in the next post.

Clark Green

Clark brings a deep level of experience with ERP companies to KnowledgePath Consulting. He has strong leadership skills, and demonstrated success in manufacturing, supply chain, business unit, and operations performance in multiple industries.