• How do I begin the process of evaluating ERP systems?
  • Do I really need to replace my ERP software or can I modernize what I have?
  • How can my supply chain become more agile and efficient?
  • How can I help our workforce become more efficient and effective at what they do?
  • How realistic is it for our company to succeed at an Omni-Channel initiative?
  • How will a transformation initiative affect the bottom line? Is an initiative a waste of our time and money or will it help us grow?
  • I have selected an ERP system, how do I know if I’m taking the right steps for successful implementation?
  • How do I help my workforce align with a new system to ensure the success of the project?
  • Where can I ask these questions without the stress of talking with a salesperson?


If any of these questions sound familiar, then this Executive Briefing is for you.


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KnowledgePath Executive Briefings are designed to help you gain information and move your project forward. We keep the conversation open and ensure the discussions will address any specific challenges or questions you may have. Our priority is to help you without any stress of a sales call or conversation.


David Warford Partner KnowledgePath ConsultingDavid Warford, Managing Partner, KnowledgePath Consulting, Inc.

David is a technology executive with over 25 years of experience in ERP systems and business process analysis. David has an extensive background in the ERP industry, Supply Chain Management, and Omni-Channel. He and his team have helped over 1,700 customers select and deploy ERP solutions, optimize their business processes, and maximize the value of their workforce to deliver competitive advantages and value.