Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus


Standardization. Simplification. Sustainability.

ERP software has evolved to simplify processes, standardize systems, sustain compliance, and add flexibility and agility to companies in a way not previously possible. Aligning the software system’s functionality with your company’s business goals is one of the best ways to achieve business value, sustainable optimization, and improve performance. We help you select the right system and independently validate and verify that it will work for you before you purchase it. Getting it right the first time is critical.


Source, fill, and ship better.

KnowledgePath will help you make your SCM successful whether you’re optimizing or preparing your company for a larger initiative. We take a holistic approach to Supply Chain Management to ensure no detail is missed. Your overall business strategy, the processes you utilize, the technology that supports it, and your workforce must all work together seamlessly. We help you make that happen. Our services can focus on a single channel (wholesale, retail, online), function (order sourcing/orchestration, transportation, distribution center) or we can evaluate, prepare, and manage a full Omni-Channel initiative.

Omnichannel customer engagementOMNI-CHANNEL

Seamless. Flexible. Agile.

An Omni environment means you keep customers happy and can react quickly and with agility to changing demands. Regardless of industry, the customer wants what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. Companies that successfully execute their Omni-Channel initiatives have seen significant growth and have the agility to react to changing environments and customer demands. Both customer-facing and company-facing processes must be seamless, fully interactive, and updated throughout all channels in real time.