Project Rescue and Recovery

Project Rescue and Recovery

According to major research companies, 80% of ERP replacement or modernization projects fail when professional services are not engaged. Sometimes even with professional services a project needs help to avoid failure or significant ongoing challenges. We are here to help.

Some rescue advice:

Never allow another implementation company or consulting firm to come in and take over a project that is already in trouble if their approach is just to begin where the other(s) left off. Regardless of what the new provider says, they’re charging time and materials to learn the project. Furthermore, while they learn the project, they may also be misunderstanding the causes of the problems encountered by the previous firm.

Why Project Rescue and Recovery is important:

A fresh look at the project is in order. This should involve the inclusion of new people from inside your company. Choosing to also include experienced IT project managers from outside the organization is the best choice. They are less likely to be persuaded by internal politics or misdirected by high power influencers.

How KnowledgePath will help:

Our project managers have been called in to rescue hundreds of different scenarios at many levels regarding projects gone awry. Using our Growth TrackTM methodology we can begin to define or redefine the current project, identify possible problems and solutions, and create a road map to success.

We take a simple yet methodical 3 step approach for review:

  • Project Assessment – It is vital to take a step back and understand how you got to where you are. Unfortunately, often times a process which is considered “sacred” because it gives an organization their competitive advantage is changed because outside vendors and internal staff don’t understand its critical importance to the business. It usually means the technology trumped the process and the business lost. In these cases, a Project Assessment should begin with an Operational Assessment.
  • Root Cause(s) – It’s easy to say the root cause of any failed project is poor planning. However, you can have an awesome, beautiful plan that is misguided if it’s directed toward the wrong goals. Root Cause discovery is imperative. Of the three possibilities, people, process, or technology, most rescue projects don’t even have the technology working yet, which means the flaw is probably people or process.
  • Create a Business Case (Road Map – Blueprint) – Once the root cause(s), objectives, goals, measurements, and future state are understood and possibly redesigned, a Business Case (Blueprint) for success must be presented to the project members, owners, and executives.

With KnowledgePath’s unique approach of driving success with process first, people second, and using technology simply as a tool, we help rescue and lead a successful project with realistic budgets, time frames, goals, and measurements.