What We Do

What We Do

KnowledgePath is differentERP Evaluation Services

KnowledgePath takes a lean approach to ERP evaluation services. We accelerate the selection process through a proven methodology that provides an objective and consistent approach that fits both the Time to Value needs of our clients and the ERP systems of today and beyond.

We leverage our extensive industry and application software knowledge with our unique evaluation process of your company to drive decisions that best meet your company’s business goals and strategies.

Process Excellence

We approach Process Excellence, Change, and Risk Management with a well-designed and proven framework. Our qualified professionals use tools in Lean and Six Sigma, but we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. As with everything else we do, we put our client’s success first so that they can put their customers first.

Here are just a few of the results our clients experience:

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Provided clarity of accountability for decision making
  • Reduced complexity across the organization
  • Streamlined the activities within an organization to work at their optimal performance
  • Reduced cost
  • A company culture that understands how to solve problems versus “band aid solution” mentality

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Business Transformation

Companies experience true Business Excellence when processes are efficient, technology is optimized, and a company has been enabled to embrace change and continuous improvement as a cultural shift. In other words, they go through a full organization-wide Business Transformation. This typically includes both ERP and Process improvements, and can cause a major shift or disruption from where a client has started, but the result yields benefit, improvements, and opportunity into the future that make this shift worth the effort it takes for years into the future.

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Better Solutions for Diverse Needs

Omni-Channel / RetailWhile a ERP replacement is common, some of our clients benefit most from a deeper approach. These clients are typically global organizations or have multi-corporation acquisition environments. This approach includes additional layers designed to handle more complexities. This approach also reduces risk, time, and overall costs. Most important, it provides you with the right information you need before you make the financial and operational decisions that will impact your company now and into the future.

Project Assurance

Project AssuranceWe prepare your company for the future starting day one.

Our Project Assurance program includes Change Management, Adoption Management, Risk Mitigation, and Project Management to ensure your company makes the adjustments needed to succeed and that the implementer is aligned with your goals.